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Bajate Raho
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10 May, 2013  |   Comedy
Shashant Shah


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Bajate Raho

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@onlydeepika  said 439 days ago
Back with the bajate raho feel!! Watch out

@ImNirv  said 442 days ago
@rj_animesh FM mein sirf gaane bajne chahiyeh advertisment tou newspaper mein bhi aati hai... #bajateRaho dost

@rajesh2tweet  said 443 days ago
@mymalishka Hi.Are you coming for the 20th June show organized for Cancer Aid & Research Foundation.RedFM bajate raho is radio partner.

@AvengerAkki  said 444 days ago
#RedFM #np bajate raho

@ThyUrbanMonk  said 445 days ago
@BowyInTheBox sorry...i was writing bajate raho...well bajte raho bhi sahi hai :D

@ThyUrbanMonk  said 445 days ago

@d4udarshit  said 447 days ago
@RJADITI Bajate Raho.. U hving Brio Right.. Happy With Honda..?? I m certainly Not.. Not Even Accessories R Achievable...

@theshreeya  said 447 days ago
A Friend is Like a Guitar.. So....Jab Tak Life hai,.............. Uski BAJATE RAHO..........

@aslihindu  said 447 days ago
@nanditathhakur @BhaskarChat @ManishTewari @sarkar_swati its no partiality, rather the reality, baaki log bajate raho seeti

@DesiTharraKing  said 448 days ago
A small visit to twitter I amgoing back... may come soon...may not... bajate raho

@BeingDixit  said 453 days ago
@kamaalrkhan 90 ho ya anty bajate raho !!!

@sunnylyfe  said 453 days ago
They have Purple cap,They have orange cap..& they also Whistle Podu.. Keep all these in their perfect place & bajate raho.. #MItheWinner

@SKP4rth  said 455 days ago
@iamrangil @_chhotuawwrat @beingsaahilkhan bajate raho apna hi maal hai

@herodzero  said 456 days ago
Half trends related to IPL. Each with different reason. All of them shared the cake and humko #PepsiIPLseKyaMila GHANTA? Bajate raho

@asraghunath  said 456 days ago
@subbureddy Excellent! Bajate Raho! Gana I mean. @Rajsan2012

@ANIKET_RANE  said 457 days ago
@mymalishka helloz...93.5 bajate raho morning Rockkhzzz with amchi malishka ho... :)

@lordakshaya  said 458 days ago
@Manuj_Khurana for me it's bajate raho :D

@iakki_duggu  said 459 days ago
@ShahrukhsBoy ohh..toh BAJATE RAHO :p

@KRUNALSOLANKI25  said 460 days ago
Listening Red fm ka adda with @rjriya bajate raho

@yes_thats_it  said 460 days ago
Bajate raho

@thekumud  said 461 days ago
#HimeshCocaCola bajate raho

@IM_JavedKhan  said 461 days ago
#MLAGherao trending top in Delhi. Bajate raho.....!!!

@TweetZaade  said 462 days ago
@master_saab tum dono bajate raho ghanta :p @GhantaGhar

@120croreHindus  said 462 days ago
@aashish81us MTV bajate raho :)

@sachinmer  said 465 days ago
Bajate raho a Red fm a red fm 93.5 its hot and very hot to today 5 pm to 9 pm in rajkot with @rjnishita..!

@DEVEN_SHAH13  said 470 days ago
sanjay Jha ki bajate raho.

@CriminalSingh  said 471 days ago
@DigitalXpressIN @iPulkitC @aatifsumar @Swathirishi @shaili @NiksiePixie congrats... bajate raho

@vachas9  said 472 days ago
@nkumar4180 @aknarendranath To Nara ye nikla ' Bajate raho'

@PaawanUpreti  said 474 days ago
@subhadra_72 bajate raho ;-)

@Persie_stinson  said 474 days ago
@mymalishka and her shendi always makes my morning Number 1 !!(damn..poor choice of words ) anyways...@RedFM_Mumbai Bajate Raho ... ;-)


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